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with PLC Control Systems

FINALLY AN AFFORDABLE SOLUTION FOR BUSINESSES OF ANY SIZE Track downtime, discover root causes, track production and efficiency, comply with new product traceability regulations or whatever you need. Aggregate information from a multitude of sources including databases, plant floor PLCs, barcode scanners, operator terminals, your ERP system, practically anything, and distribute anywhere you want, anyway you like, and in real-time.

WEB-BASED SOLUTIONS We provide web-based solutions so you’ll never have to pay for individual seats again. You’ll be able to access your information securely from anywhere, and because other members of your organization can do the same, you’ll have a truly collaborative, scaleable, and affordable solution.

SPECIFY EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT AND GET IT FAST Are you tired of dumping money into partial solutions or waiting for the “big” solution that never comes? Software developed by Inductive Automation delivers lightning fast application development and gives you applications, exactly how you want them — without compromise. We are a premier system integrator for Inductive Automation software and we've delivered dozens of systems over a wide range of industries.

START SMALL AND THEN SCALE UP WITHOUT LIMITS Due to its unique architecture, which is built totally on IT standards, Inductive Automation software can scale from a very small system to very large multi-facility system with ease. It’s possible to pick off the “low hanging fruit” first and then build on this incrementally. With capital budgets being squeezed, it's possible to get started on a maintenance budget.



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